Sunday, October 30, 2011

Progress Update

So I've been pretty distracted by BF3 and life, but managed to pull myself away from life and make some time to work on the event.

                                                    Motivational cleavage is motivational.

Stuff done:
Finished the initial event after you first get the contract, involving pleasuring Revy.

Immediate To-Do:
Add some vanilla text the cabaret.
Implement some filler content written on the forums.
Find motivation to start writing the final stall events that are place holders.

Near Future:
Implement the first 'job' for being under contract.

Foreseeable Future:
Introduce a new way to find the Red Lily.
Add a male to female/futa event centered around Red Lily lore.

One more thing:
What kind of fetishes would you all like to see done. I'm planning on some obvious ones in association with your contract(s)/exploring of the Red Lily, but I'm interested in what is most desired first.


  1. My favorite of your scenarios was Little Roxy, would love to see her again, or just have her event repeat. I figure the same people would visit these stalls.

  2. Another thought, the Red Lily and this entire encounter seem to revolve around a low dominance and basic sumbissiveness. Why not throw some BE/Lactation/Cow in, they're usually very submissive. Just food for thought.

  3. I'm definitely going to implement some of those things as bad ends, and I have a feeling Roxy will make an appearance down the road.

  4. You sir have made my night, I'm surprised noone else is using this opportunity to poke ideas at ya. I'll keep spitballin and let you know if I come up with anything else, as always thank you for listening and thank you for some of my favorite scenarios in the game.

  5. Thought of another genre that might be used: drugs. The SlaveMaker universe is full of various drugs that alter personality and command obedience my personal favorite being the addiction draft. If drugs don't float your boat the same effects can be achieved through the use of magic or some combination of the two. Science and Magic are often interchangeable. As always thanks for all you do.

  6. If anything your events in the game rocks my world like never ever before!. ^-^

    I'm sure you'll have this in mind as I can see in your to-do-list but the part where the male transform into a female/futa is the one I'm rooting for ^-^ (You can really tell that is the part I'm most eagerly awaiting cuz' I do caps *giggle*)

    Another part is that you could spawn more low profile characters to dominate you or if you are highly dominant (rare after all the events *giggle*) dominate those peeps

    Of course for those you don't need to do high amounts of text... just some teasers that could be repeteable and give some more life to the Red Lily and a reason to come back more often of course!. ^-^

    Keep up the good work Rowadon

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: It could be possible that at some point your own slave would be able to work in your place in the Red Lily or the Stalls? (if you keep your sanity!)

  7. I'm a big fan of sissification... Though I don't think a lot of people will enjoy that so much lol.

    Any event that involves humiliation is good. Perhaps if the SM gets involved deeply enough when they go to attend court one day they're clothes come off, and are forced into a show by one of the unseen masters?

    I also think that once you get pierced you could use that to relate to the stall events.

    Just my two cents. When I first found these new events in game I had no idea about the Red Lily and just about crapped myself. I spent about 4 slaves worth of time manipulating the events to see how much was in the game. Thank You so very much for the time and thought you have invested.